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How do I purchase food?

You can order online for delivery or shop one of our 2 Memphis area locations: East Memphis + Cordova

Where does Soli deliver?

We deliver Midwest to East Coast. Click here to view our coverage map! If you live in the Memphis area, click here for local options.

When do I need to place my order online?

If shopping with us in the Memphis area, click here for local delivery options. If shopping outside of Memphis, click here for 1-2 day shipping options.

How long will my food stay fresh?

You will find a best buy date on the package of each meal. Meals last 5-7 days upon delivery.

What sizes do your meals come in and what is the difference?

Small = approx. 200-350 calories

Medium = approx. 350-500 calories

One Size = varies

Can I store meals in the freezer?

We recommend you eat the meals fresh. If you need to freeze the meals, please keep in mind that denser meals will freeze better than others.

Are the meals organic?

We use organic ingredients when possible. All of our protein sources are all-natural lean protein that is free from hormones & antibiotics.

Where are the meals prepared?

All of our meals are made fresh at our Cordova location, 8100 Macon Station Suite 102.

I have a different question!

No problem. Email us: